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Protecting Health and Operating Safely

Air Products is an extremely safety-oriented company when it comes to our people, the surrounding community and its residents, and the environment. 

This project is intended to reduce the amount of CO₂ that is released into the atmosphere using the proven engineering technology called CCS. Of the nearly 30 CCS projects worldwide in the last 50 years, there has never been a leak from a CCS well.

Air Products has invested in the best available monitoring technology to alert us to a leak and ensure we can take protective action should this extremely unlikely event occur. In addition to the extensive monitoring required of Air Products during sequestration, the company is required to monitor the area for 50 years after injection of CO₂ has ended.

Commitment to Health and Safety

Air Products is taking extreme care to protect the health and safety of the lake environment, its users, and its wildlife as we develop this project.

Air Products worked diligently with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries when designing this project to ensure the integrity of the lake and its wildlife. 

Where possible, Air Products will minimize the amount of tree clearing required and will employ a robust environmental mitigation plan to minimize potential impacts during construction. 

Air Products is fully committed to mitigating and completely restoring any impacts construction or operation may cause. 

Air Products asked Southeastern Louisiana University to conduct independent monitoring of the project to ensure our activities are protective of the lake environment. This is not a regulatory requirement; we sought this third-party monitoring to give greater assurance to the public.

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Air Products is committed to open and continuous engagement with residents, local governments, and civic and community organizations.

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